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Hi there! I’m Jonathan Moore-Wright. In my professional life, my career has spanned over 20 years of leadership in higher education and technology. For more information, please have a look at my professional information page.

On the personal side, my areas of interest are all over the map.

  • I’m a singer performing in various choral ensembles including the early music collective Voci Strane, and the Gregorian chant choir Schola Saskatoniensis
  • I play bass guitar, sometimes sitting in with the 3M2C Latin Band
  • I enjoy building and flying radio-controlled model airplanes and have been a member of the Hub City Radio Control Club for many years.
  • I enjoy outdoor pursuits, dabbling in scuba diving, cycling, and golf. Recently, I’ve taken up distance running.
  • I’m happy to be a geek, love watching the chaos of technology and culture colliding, and am continually amazed at the strange and wonderful things that result.

I’m an alumnus of the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan, and live with my wonderful wife and daughter in the heart of Saskatoon, Canada.

Online, I’m most often in the following places:

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